Yomi Abiola

Yomi Abiola is a Social Entrepreneur, journalist and thought leader. At the core of Yomi's work is diversity, inclusion and female empowerment. As an international speaker, Yomi has presented at numerous organizations including Harvard, Yale, MIT, the United Nations, The Wilson Center and TED. 

As a Change Agent, Yomi focuses on the advancement of women and girls. She is committed to supporting women to stand in the fullness of their power, through identifying and seizing opportunities for exponential growth. Most recently, Yomi has founded The Fem League, a multimedia platform and incubator that provides an alternative uplifting perspective for women globally. She is a graduate of both Columbia School of Journalism and Sciences Politiques Paris. She currently serves as an associate to the UNESCO Chair for human rights as well as an MIT Legatum Catalyst. She is an editor at Vogue Italia online.

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Elcim Yilmaz

Elcim har under 15 år arbetat med att förändra, förädla och förbättra varumärken, strategier, företag och organisationer genom sitt eget företag, men även genom samverkan med partners. 

Idag fokuserar Elcim på PR och kommunikation samt sin roll som agent.  

Elcim Yilmaz

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